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“There is no other way to put it: Dr. Aranbasich and his staff are a completely professional, technologically advanced, and top-notch service.

“They are always on top of their schedule. The place is infinitely clean. It is warm and inviting (for a doctor’s office!), and in three years, I have NEVER waited more than five minutes for my appointment to begin.

“They are advanced in the sense that their records are all electronic. You can see previous X-rays and previous periodontal exams right in front of you as you get your teeth cleaned.

“The dental hygienist, Daphne, is literally as good as it gets. I can’t more highly recommend her. She simply knows her profession. She’ll offer you a new toothbrush with each visit, and always tells you how you’re progressing.

“His staff is efficient and kind. They remember you as soon as you walk in. There is zero indifference in this office; you are their client, and you’ll feel that from the moment you walk in.

“It is rare when you can find a medical professional that you want to pronounce grade A. Even when they’re good, there always seems to be something.

“Not here. If you live in the area, I can’t more highly recommend Dr. Aranbasich’s service. You’ll never avoid the dentist again.”
— Chance H., Los Angeles




“Okay, I hadn’t gone to the dentist in over, oh, I don’t know, four years or something? I didn’t have insurance, so I never went. When I received benefits with my job, I also began to have toothaches. Turns out that I had to get my wisdom teeth removed — ALL FOUR OF THEM. Yeesh!


“When I went into the office, the staff was incredibly friendly. I told the lady, I believe her name was Dorothy, that I had a phobia of dentists and she said she would try her best to make the experience a pleasant one. They use this cool computer program and track your teeth information — it’s really nifty. Honestly, I didn’t feel ANY pain while she was cleaning my teeth and she was even using those weird crooked metal tools!

“Surprisingly, I had no cavities and my teeth were in pretty good condition! I’ve gone back twice a year since, and have been worked on by Doug. He’s really friendly and tries to have a conversation, which can be difficult when you can’t even move your jaw. I appreciate him talking, though, because it takes your mind off of your teeth and into attempting to have a conversation. After Doug finishes, Dr. Aranbasich comes in to make sure Doug didn’t miss anything. Then, I go home happily with fresh, clean teeth and a free toothbrush!

“Call the offices for an appointment, and if it’s an emergency I think they actually leave Dr. Aranbasich’s cell phone number on the voicemail. I’d recommend Dr. Aranbasich to anyone. I no longer fear going to the dentist and reclining in that chair.”
— Stephanie L., Los Angeles




“I recommend Dr. Aranbasich very highly. He has been taking care of my teeth for many years now. His office is spotless and filled with state-of-the-art equipment. He is always super-friendly. I appreciate the reminder call. Every procedure has been painless and thorough. I actually enjoy my visits and the benefits of the ongoing care and attention I receive from both the doctor and his staff.”
— Marion Simms, business owner




“Going into Dr. Aranbasich’s office for a cleaning or checkup is an enjoyable experience. Everyone there is so friendly and nice. The dental office waiting area and rooms are stylish and comfortable. The environment is so relaxed that I actually look forward to going.”
— Charolette Stone, managing director




“I have nothing but praise for the office of Dr. Aranbasich. My initial introduction came out of necessity, after years of dentist phobia kept me from the proper dental care. Dr. Aranbasich and his staff immediately put me at ease, providing a friendly and caring environment, not only during my initial emergency visit, but following up with a course of treatment necessary for lifelong dental health. I can honestly say any fears I had in the past are gone, and I’m thrilled I have found a dentist I know I can go through anything that may come my way. Dr. Aranbasich, his hygienists, and staff are all top notch and I highly recommend them.”
— Tom, entertainment industry





“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Aranbasich since 1988 and I am so completely happy with the caliber of care I always receive from him and his staff. His level of skill, compassion, and meticulousness is difficult to find in a doctor and I’m thrilled to have him as mine. He’s been there for me during emergencies and regular dental maintenance flawlessly over the years, and I couldn’t have a higher regard for him.”
— Hynndie Wali, television producer





“Mark and his staff are amazing. Yes ... amazing. There’s a pretty universal cliché about how miserable going to the dentist office is — and I’ve had my share of some nasty ones in the past — but going to Mark’s office is a total pleasure. He’s a very talented dentist whose top priorities are doing top-quality work and making his patients comfortable in the process. Who can argue that? I can’t recommend him highly enough, and whenever anyone asks if I know a good dentist, I smile back: “Yup, you’re gonna be happy you asked me that!” They usually always call me back with a huge ‘thanks!’ ”
— RJ Binkowski


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